Bob Ellis

bob ellis

The following material is taken from A Decade of Success An Illustrated History of the Arizona State University Retirees Association by Dean Smith, edited by June P. Payne.


“In September 1989, Robert H.  [Bob] Ellis retired as general manager of ASU’s public television station, KAET. An ASU alumnus, Ellis had come to the station from KOY radio in Phoenix in the early days of KAET’s existence and was the moving force in developing the station into a major communicator for public education and entertainment during more than a quarter century as it director. Immediately after his retirement, he accepted a part-time assignment to work with (Brent) Brown in the University Relations Office.

Not many months after this transition, Brown decided that Ellis was just the person he was looking for to take charge of organizing university retirees into a viable force. Not only was Ellis a former staff member, but he also had served on the faculty and thus could represent both groups of retirees. Brown provides Ellis an office in Irish Hall and gave him full rein to move ahead.