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Each year the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences accepts nominations for the prestigious Gold & Silver Circle Society. The inductions take place at the annual Rocky Mountain Emmy® Awards Gala.

The Silver Circle recognizes individuals who have served in the industry for a minimum of 25 years, with the majority being spent in the Rocky Mountain Southwest region. Individuals selected for induction have done more than work professionally for 25 years. They are the best and brightest in our business. Ideal candidates will also have extensive public service, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades.

The Gold Circle recognizes similar individuals who have served in the industry, with the majority in the Rocky Mountain Southwest region, in an exemplary fashion for a minimum of 50 years. Most importantly though, is the contribution to the profession and to the community that the individual has made during that time.

**The Call for Nominations for 2020 is now open. Click here to start.

Deadline to nominate: January 31, 2020

Gold Circle Society Members







Silver Circle Society Members

Bob Adlhoch

Charles Allen

George Allen

Robert Allingham 2006

Phil Alvidrez

Catherine Anaya

Guy Atchley

Roger Ball

Larry Barker

Charlie Barnes

Dan Barr

Margaret Beardsley 2006

Ron Bergamo

Steve Bodinet

John Booth

Sue Breding

Bill Buckmaster 2003

Donald Burgess

Paul Burt

Frank Camacho

Ted Capener

Rudy Casillas

Tom Chauncey

Joe Chitwood

Jack Clifford

Mike Conlee

Ron Connor

C.E. “Pep” Cooney

Lin Sue Cooney

Bruce Cooper

Dr. John Craft

Jay Crandall

Mark Curtis

Rick D’Amico

Jan D’Atri

Kent Dana

Dan Davis

Rick DeBruhl

Rod Decker

Chuck Deen

Bill Denney

Ray Depa

Joe Diaz

Dennis Dilworth

Roger Downey 2003

Deborah Sedillo Dugan

Bruce Dunbar

Bob Ellis

Chuck Emmert 2001

Tony Escobar

Mark Eubank

Stan Everett

Tom Fergus

Bud Foster

Dave Fox

Stella Gallegos 2001

Manny Garcia

Scott Geyer 2004

Donald Godfrey

Hector Gonzalez

Barbara Grijalva

Michael Grant

Jeff Halberg

Scott Hanson

Troy Hayden

Tom Heidinger

Mark Heier

Joe Hengemuehler

Ray Hinshaw

John Hollenhorst

John Hook

Ron Hoon

Don Hopfer

Dale Hoskins

John Howe

Jan Jacobson

David James

George Kay

Sharon Kelley 2001

John Kelso

Patti Kirkpatrick

Dick Knipfing

Ladimir Kwiatkowski

Jude LaCava

Homer Lane

Frederic Leigh

Bill Leverton

Bonnie Leverton

Delbert Lewis

Jewell Lewis

Stacy Lincoln

Richard Lindstrom

Morgan Loew

Anita Favela Luera

David Luna

Carol Lynde 2003

Paul McComb 2001

Keith McCord

Al McCoy

Richard McKee

Jay McSpadden

Al Macias

Lucia Madrid

Joseph Manning 2001

Larry Martel

Robert Martin 2001

Carole Mikita

Bill Miller

David Miller

Neil Miller

Howard Morgan

Dave Munsey

Lupita Murillo

Richard Najar

Dave Nichols 1993

Royal Norman

Dick Nourse

Mary Nickles

Dennis O’Neill

Luis Olivas

Scot Olson

Carey Olson

Jaime Ontiveros 2001

Bill Ottinger

Jack Parris 2003

Frank Peddie

Cary Pfeffer 2003

Dr. Barry Ramo

Mark Reda

Ken Robinson

Vique Rojas

Mary Lynn Roper

David Ross

Donna Rossi

Jon Ruby

Lew Ruggiero 2001

Gina Santiago

Bert Sass 2003

Rod Saubel

Mike Sauceda

Gary Schafer

Mike Schmidt

Mike Serres

Howard Shepherd

Fran Sherlock

Ted Simons

Abbie Smith

John Smith 2001

Gary Stafford 2006

Pam Stevenson 2003

William Stull

Ray Thompson

Ken Thorpe

Sue Thorwaldson 2006

Roy Track

Stu Tracy

Ruben Trujillo 2003

John Vasseur

Ken Verdoia 2003

Beth Vershure 2003

Mary Morse Vasquez

George Wallace

Todd Walsh

John Warren

Mike Watkiss

Patty Weiss

Gary Wenzlaff

Mary Jo West

Linda Williams

Nadine Wimmer

Mike Wong

Gilbert Zermeño

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