Tray Goodman

Tray Goodman is the founder and creative force behind Goodman Creative Minds Media of Phoenix. Two recent GCM Media productions – the series “Inside Creative Minds” and “A Night at the Crescent” – have aired on Channel 8, Phoenix PBS. Tray is excited to be the executive producer of Arizona’s #1 web series (as awarded at the 2013 Phoenix COMICON), the sci-fi series “Voyage Trekkers.”

Tray brings to each project a unique blend of innovative ideas, corporate and political savvy and the perspective of a video producer, director, cameraman and host with 20+ years of experience both be-hind and in front of the camera.
A veteran of producing documentaries and of travel to more than a dozen foreign countries to do so, Tray served as creative director and production manager for the documentary Footprints of God ( And as a supporter of Phoenix and the state of Arizona, Tray produced and sold two feature films, which were shot in Arizona.

Among the items in Tray’s extensive and comprehensive background are three years spent directing a live daily newscast for commercial television (KMID-TV, Midland, Texas and KOLD-TV, Tucson, AZ). He served 20+ years as production manager/senior director for Phoenix Channel 11, directing thousands of multi-camera, live or live-to-tape productions specifically for high level politicians with strong demands and tight deadlines.

Tray also spent 10+ years working as a freelancer with Major League Baseball (Arizona Diamond-backs) and the National Football League (Arizona Cardinals).
Tray’s commitment to his community can be seen in such projects as “Cool in Your Zip” and “The Train Tracks” which he co-produced with Kimber Lanning, founder of Local First Arizona. Tray volunteered hundreds of hours and his skills in producing, directing, filming and hosting to make these important local programs a reality.

Tray is an enthusiastic student and supporter of the life and work philosophies of Richard Florida (“Rise of the Creative Class”) and Daniel Pink (“Whole New Mind” and “Free Agent Nation”). When not on the road working on various video projects, Tray spends as much time as possible promoting education in the video industry by sharing his knowledge with students at local high schools and universities.