Ylonda Viola

Ylonda Viola Photo

Currently living in the high desert of New Mexico, Ylonda Viola has 19 years experience in the film, video, photography and publishing industries. Ylonda believes strongly in the power of media to elevate humanity, expose injustice and express the importance of wildlife, nature, art & science to the masses.

Her belief in the incredible potential of media for positive change drives her passion & focus on giving back, while doing what she loves.

Ylonda provides a well-rounded skill set in all facets of film production & photography. She brings a unique and grounded producing style and as a cinematographer shares a critical eye for getting just the shots needed to communicate the message. She holds a B.A. in Documentary Filmmaking with an emphasis in Cinematography and Environmental Science Applications from The Evergreen University in Olympia Washington.

Ylonda received a Rocky Mountain Emmy® Award in 2013 as the Producer for Valles Caldera: The Science, a science documentary narrated by the impeccable Ali MacGraw and screened nationally on PBS. The documentary has been successfully adapted to NGSS aligned online science curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students.  She also received a Rocky Mountain Emmy® Nomination in 2010 for Landscapes of Enchantment, a beautiful documentary about landscape painters in New Mexico screened on PBS.

Ylonda is currently working with Santa Fe Productions as the Senior Producer for Famous Outcrops of the World, an 11 part global geology series with ExxonMobil.  Ylonda¹s mentor, the late Tony Tiano is an inspiration to her. One of her first projects producing for his company, Santa Fe Productions, was The Science of Speed for The National Science Foundation about the physics of NASCAR.  She has fond memories shooting trackside with Tony and credits him with her current success. She is co-owner of Blaze Canyon Productions, LLC ­ creating impactful nature, science, art & educational documentaries, television series, industrials & features.

When not on a production, Ylonda enjoys wildlife & nature photography, traveling, motorcycling and volunteering with her local wildlife rehabilitation center.