The Rocky Mountain Emmy Foundation is dedicated to providing educational opportunities, encouragement and financial support to the next generations of broadcasters, journalists and digital media creators in our region. To that end, we are supporting students with scholarships at Arizona State University, The University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Utah State University, The University of New Mexico and Arizona Western College. 

As of 2018, five dollars of every entry fee and five dollars from every membership fee is donated directly into the scholarship fund. We also hold various scholarship fundraisers at the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards gala and other events.

To donate directly to the scholarship fund click here.

Coming soon: We’re in the process of creating a 501c3 to aid in building more regional broadcast scholarships. Stay tuned!

For the National Scholarships click here.

Past Scholarship Recipients:

Sidney Castanon, 2019

Parker Lund, 2019

Danielle Malkin, 2019

Francis McLister, 2019

Richard Cornish, 2019

Brielle Ashford, 2019

Austin Elder, 2018

Lillian Donahue, 2018

Lauren Bukoskey, 2018

Meghan McCullin, 2018

Kenneth Schuette, 2018

Olivia Richard, 2018

Asha Hopkins, 2017

Lauren Negrete, 2017

Allison Bailey, 2017

Alison Barzelay, 2016

Chloe Ranshaw, 2015, 2016, 2017

Nicole Randock, 2016

Katherine Bieri, 2015, 2016

Adriana De Alba 2016

Adriana Torres, 2015

Hattie Hayes, 2014

Karla Liriano, 2014

Megan Thompson, 2013, 2014

Adriana Torres, 2014

Vivian Padilla, 2013

Marina Beach, 2012, 2013

Kari Osep, 2012, 2013

Sarah Parsons, 2012

Jessie Wardarski, 2012

Alexander Siordian, 2011

Chelsea Smith, 2011

Torin Westfall, 2011

Alexandria Reese, 2011

Sarah Amaral, 2001

Emily Montague, 2001

Jason Nielsen, 2001

Noah Sacksteader, 2001

Corrina Collins, 2000

Kerrin Kleinschmidt, 2000

Sally MacDonald, 200

Christopher Seto, 2000

Jessica Armistead, 1998

Jolene Weir, 1998

Naomi Beaty, 1998

Lori Chervenak, 1998

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